Established in 2006, Coriander's take on Indian food has now been a popular favourite for nearly a decade, expanding to four locations and serving hundreds of thousands of Cantabrians from all parts of the area.

Owner Amardeep Singh, or Amar to his friends, first launched the chain in Rolleston Square after seven years of managing a restaurant in the city and according to Amar, it was through the encouragement of his fellow chefs, friends, and family, that he excelled.

Since then, in order to cater to a larger audience, Coriander's has expanded to four locations: Hanmer Springs, Kaikoura, the original Rolleston restaurant and now the flagship restaurant in the heart of the rebuilt Christchurch CBD. The original Rolleston building, at first only able to seat between 55-60 people, has been modified to seat nearly 100 guests as the restaurant has gained popularity in an area where quality Indian culinary institutions are rare. St. Asaph, housed in a beautiful colonial-style building, is not only the the chain's newest restaurant but also the largest restaurant, seating individual groups of up to 50 people and featuring an undercover terrace and full service bar area.

Corianders is not simply considered a restaurant. Amar and their satisfied customers have defined it as a "culinary experience", complete with authentic surroundings, fine details, and a friendly staff. At Rolleston and St. Asaph, in particular, guests have the unique opportunity to view their orders being prepared. The menu is extensive and complete, inspired by North Indian cuisine and topped off with a list of premium wines. In addition, several restaurants now offer BYO (please check your restaurant here), though all BYO locations are also fully licensed to serve alcohol.

The restaurant offers take-out, online ordering and delivery, making it one of the most hospitable eateries in the areas they serve. Nearly every review of Coriander's mentions the quality of the food, the professionalism of the staff, and the ethnic vibrancy of the atmosphere. Bollywood actors, actresses, and cricketers have responded with positive reviews, not to mention Prince Charles and his wife Camilla when they had the opportunity to admire the Coriander's food stall at an A&P show.

The core values of Corianders, brought forward by Amar, rest in the major qualities of fine dining. This includes the training of staff, the preparation of food, the quality of the surroundings and, of course, the comfort and satisfaction of the customer. In the opinion of most guests, it is to these values that Coriander's must attribute its prominent success.

In the words of Amar, "We invite you to a very delightful, pleasurable visit to Coriander's Ethnic Indian Restaurants with a welcome that comes from deep within our heart."

We look forward to seeing you, and we are confident that you'll enjoy your experience at Coriander's.

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